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Isla Internships Abroad


Isla is the internship, volunteer, service learning, and faculty-led program of FCDE. Isla builds upon FCDE’s sustainable development work with local partner NGOs by providing internship opportunities for intrepid humanitarians, social entrepreneurs, and change-makers who want hands-on experiences working side-by-side with dedicated community development professionals.

Isla offer interns and volunteers a wide array of academic, professional, and cultural exposure through direct work with local NGOs that are helping develop their own communities. Internships are available in the following sectors: education and youth development, social entrepreneurship, small business development, health, HIV/AIDS, environment, women empowerment, and social justice

Isla internships fall into three categories:

1. Internships in the FCDE office based in Kasese or Rukungiri. Internships focus on support to FCDE’s professional development team

2. Internships with one of FCDE’s local NGO partners. Internships are developed based on the specific needs of the organization.

3. Faculty-led or service learning trips are customized programs for a group of university undergraduate or graduate students led by a faculty member. Isla. partners with universities to develop customized trips.

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